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Joining ANRA

Do you operate a narrowcast radio service?  Become a Member of ANRA today!

By joining you will help strengthen ANRA's lobbying efforts to the Government, which is critical for ALL narrowcast operators...which includes you.

As a member of ANRA your radio station/network will join the collective power of over 2600 narrowcast licences…75% of which are ANRA members. This allows ANRA to advocate with a strong unified voice and also provides a central resource for advice and assistance from ANRA Executive and member organisations.

Check our NEWS page to see how ANRA is promoting and protecting the interests of our narrowcast members.

PLEASE JOIN NOW…It will only take a few minutes to apply.

ANRA Membership Application Form

Simply fill out the application form below, download a printable form, or contact the Secretary for more information.

Thanks! Your application has been sent. We will be in contact with you shortly.

By submitting this application for membership:

  • I/we hereby apply to become a member of the Australian Narrowcast Radio Association (“the Association”).

  • I/we agree to be bound by the Constitution of the Association.

  • I/we authorise the entry of my/our name/s on the Register of Members.

  • I/we certify that I/we hold one or more licences for narrowcasting services, or lease the Narrowcast licences, as shown above.  

  • I/we understand that membership is subject to payment of the relevant membership fee as shown in the schedule below.  

Please contact the Secretary if you would like to discuss any aspects of your membership application.

2020/21 Schedule of Fees - ANRA Membership

Note: There is no GST payable on membership fees.

LPON Licences

1-5 Licences         $60pa
6-20 Licences      $125pa
21-50 Licences    $250pa
51-200 Licences   $350pa
201-300 Licences $450pa
301+ Licences     $600pa

HPON Licences

1 Licence        $150pa     

2+ Licences      $90pa
per each additional licence   

Registered Charitable Organisations

Rates as quoted with
Maximum per entity
$2300pa (capped).

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